Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pretty Braiding on Anna Maria Horner's Blog

I guess I need to learn how to display the actual picture, but click on this address to see the cutest little braiding job I've ever seen. Someday it would be nice to try that on sweet Leilei! After she gets over the aversion to her brush and comb. It is necessary to actually make contact with the head to achieve this look... For now, I can just dream of our little princess with princess braids.


  1. That is really pretty! I remember doing Suzanne's hair with French braids but I don't know if I could still do that....Oh this is Grammie C not Jimmy. He was using my computer today.

  2. LOL I was starting to wonder! Yes that is a beautifl do. I've never seen it done quite that way before.

  3. Oh, and the quote means basically that the building of our character happens over time. The choices I made yesterday, and the day before, and the year before, all influence who I am and what I do today.

    It inspired me to do things I don't feel like doing, because I know they will add up toward good character in the future!