Monday, June 15, 2009

My Pretty Cottage Roses

Just a post to let you know how my roses are doing in my garden this spring... We bought an arbor last year and planted two rose bushes on either side of it. The poor things weathered the Santa Ana winds that whip through the side of our house with gusts anywhere from 60-100 mph. Sometimes I swear the roof sounds like it's going to rip off! Then they get so dried out too from the dryness of the high winds, so they go through a lot of stress... But now that it's almost summer and they get their daily water and sunshine, they are happy campers out on the side of the house, over my garden gate.

I picked about a quart of strawberries this afternoon, but a quarter of them have bug holes--bummer. Our cherry tomato volunteers are pluggin along putting out a tomato here and there and the new basil plant is happily getting situated in the sunny spot the last one did that thrived until last November, as long as I topped it now and then. I just froze the leaves we couldn't eat right away, after washing, and we had pesto through Christmas--yum!
I loved the pictures we took at Roger's Gardens like this morning glory. It just looks like there's a light glowing out of the middle and it fascinates me... And the color is just so regal! I'm not allowed to have any in our garden since they are near impossible to remove from your garden once they get established and take over, but I still like them nonetheless...


  1. Barbara, I do love your cottage roses. They must be so hardy to survive the hot winds. To me, cottage roses say 'home'.

  2. I love the look of gardens but I'm just not a gardener myself. Thank you for sharing these photos. The roses are so pretty.