Monday, March 9, 2009

Beads and Buttons

I've been collecting and accumulating beads and buttons for some time now because just love to put them together in folk-artsy ways. These pictures were taken awhile ago to enjoy just how cool they look together...

Every year there is an international bead show in Santa Ana, so for a few years now I've picked up several strands there, and there are African bead sellers at the Rose Bowl Fleamarket that I like to buy from, and we even stopped at Quartsite on the way back from Arizona after being exposedto a huge variety of beads at a killer bead store in Scottsdale, where I also had to purchase a few strands... Whoa, girl!!!
I collect old western concha-like silver buttons to use for the clasp at the back; just love that little detail since sometimes I get into a "cowgirl" vibe also--down to the concha belts, bolos, and boots--yehaaaaw!!!

A lot of the buttons you see are from my dear Mom's collection that she saved and I think quite a few were passed down from my sweet Grandma's collection. Having them on the necklace amongst the beads has a special meaning--of times past and a wistful longing for the simple life...

My good friend, Fran, owner and artist of the fabulous craft stamp company Stampendous travels worldwide and sometimes asks if she can bring me back anything from her travels. "Beads are small", I utter sheepishly... She brought back the flat ceramic beads from Africa and also some from France which I still have in my special stash... What a great friend!!!

My other passion is to look for interesting beaded necklaces at yard sales and such and reassemble them into fantastic art pieces!! It's loads of fun and there's nothing like it for a person that adores a cultural, folk art, earthy embellished style. I'm all about celebrating life and the gift of creativity--each person being free to express what's in their heart...


  1. Hey!! I was wondering where you were...Glad I found you again, and hope you're doing well!!

  2. Pretty colors!! Reminds me I still have the wool beads to make. Hope you are getting everything done that you want to this week.

  3. I love those pictures... so bright and colourful! I'm actually beading today. I've got a birthday party to go to tonight, and I'm using this pattern that I found in a Vintage Necklace Patterns book. The necklace is called the "Ida" and the pattern is from the 40s. I'll be sure to post when it's finished!